What is so confusing about Slower Traffic Keep Right?

Slow Traffic Keep Left
Unfortunately, many people find this sign to be ambiguous. Others decide to slow traffic down intentionally.

“Who me? I’m not slow they are just too damn fast!”
Many just don’t care. They want to drive in the left lane and they are going to drive in the left lane.

The state of Florida has tried a less confusing approach

Don't hang out in the left lane

MIT Hopes to Exorcise ‘Phantom’ Traffic Jams

We’ve all been there – stuck in traffic, inching along, running late and getting angry when suddenly everyone starts moving. Just like that, the road clears. No flashing lights, no mangled cars, no clue to suggest what went wrong. They’re called phantom traffic jams, and mathematicians at MIT are determined to find out what causes them – and more importantly, how to prevent them.

Phantom jams are born of a lot of cars using the road. No surprise there. But when traffic gets too heavy, it takes the smallest disturbance in the flow – a driver laying on the brakes, someone tailgating too closely or some moron picking pickles off his burger – to ripple through traffic and create a self-sustaining traffic jam.
Read the article in Wired

The Phantom Traffic Video That Started It All

A very simple simulation that shows the how phantom traffic jams are created. This video confirmed what I had suspected for years.
First Phantom sightings on YouTube

Don’t Drive Dumb

Dumb driving slows everyone so please be a good citizen and drive smart.

This site is dedicated to teaching effective and efficient driving in traffic. Drivers have very few ways to communicate with other drivers other than with their cars. This limits the conversations to lights, beeps and gestures. Commuters are all in this together and with a little cooperation we can all get there faster and safer.